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Pronunciation Dictionaries

The BAS maintains the largest available German Pronunciation Dictionary PHONOLEX with more than 60.000 manually verified and more than 1.6 million automatically produced word entries.
Since 2005 BASSS supervises the ongoing PHONOLEX project and is therefore the ideal partner for the production and/or verification of new pronunciation LRs. Our activities in this field also include the development of the BALLOON text-to-phoneme software package.
What is a pronunciation dictionary?

A pronunciation dictionary is basically a mapping between the orthographic form and the phonetic form of word entities. Fundamental descriptors for pronunciation dictionaries are the coding of the orthographic form, the phoneme inventar and the coding of the phonetic form and - of course - the size and coverage.
To be useful for technical applications such as Speech Recognition or Speech Synthesis the dictionary must be in digital and formally regular form. It may be augmented by additional information such as: occurance statistic based on a certain speech resource, syntactic labels, origin etc.

Pronunciation dictionaries are needed for a number of technical applications such as: Automatic Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Media Indexing, Forensic Phonetics.

BAS Standard for German Pronunciation

Phonetic coding of so called canonic pronunciation requires a strict code of conventions to achieve reliable results. The BAS has developed a BAS Standard for German Pronuciation that simplifies the coordinated work of larger groups of phonetitians on the same pronunciation dictionary.

What can BASSS do for you?

BASSS offers the following services in the context of pronunciation dictionaries: Specification, production of customized dictionaries, based on a speech corpus or a word list, verfication of existing pronunciations based on the BAS Standard for German Pronuciation.

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